A new direction.

I love driving at night.   Somehow, the combination of night and movement brings clarity to my thoughts.  I love the comfort of singing along to the radio in a blanket of darkness while looking at the illumination of the passing houses; the staccato of interior lights serving as a beacon for the energy that dwells inside the walls.  Seeing the houses lit up from within, I often wonder about the lives of the people who occupy them.  Is it a family who lives there?  Are they happy?  Are they going through a divorce; a new marriage, taking care of a dying loved one, or planning their next family vacation?  Is it a single person? Are they feeling lonely; fulfilled; lost? How do the material items occupy the space? Is it clean, or littered with items they just can't seem to part with?

With these thoughts in mind, I have started to explore a new focus in my work towards the idea of the home as a sanctuary of contradiction in our lives.  The home serves as a familiar space, often filled with both tangible and abstract items that remind us of love and loss, secrets and memories. How each of us dwells in those spaces is what interests me most. We build relationships with not only the people we share our space with, but the space itself. Those relationships we build with objects can be just as complicated as those we build with people. I'm interested in the connection between the order and chaos, and the relationships and walls we build to both grow closer and push apart those we love.  

I feel like this concept is really allowing my use of patterns to grow from a design choice to more of a conceptual choice.  I'm interested in the connection between order and chaos when it comes to patterns, and how their beauty and breakdown can be a symbol for the lives we live inside our homes.  Sometimes, we portray order while we are hiding chaos. I'm excited to explore this idea further. 

I've been experimenting with various materials this time around, mixing it up with some ballpoint pen and even (gasp!) oil paint.  I am enjoying the process of growth and learning, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and into that weird place artists dwell: (un)certainty.