Telling the story


I've started something new, a composition that's a little different for me.  I'm still using my favorite hand and bird symbols, but I wanted to stretch a little further while still attempting to stay simple. The idea formed from a need to stitch together a visual representation of childhood, or at least how I view my own children's lives. I like its direction so far. 

One of my students approached me as I was working on this last week and remarked that they couldn't believe the amount of time I was investing in the drawing. "I could never spend that long on one drawing; I would get so bored." I replied that drawing can be like writing, some people like writing poems and others like writing novels, both are respected mediums, we all just have to decided which one is more appealing to our creative selves. No matter what length you are working with, you just have to make your story worth telling.

Here's to hoping this is a good story.