Into the Void

I've been thinking a lot lately about the concept of emptiness.  Emptiness can be nice; take for instance when my son's floor is clean of his mountain of toys, or an empty to do list.  But, emptiness can also be haunting.  Emptiness could be felt in a relationship, an occupation, or in oneself.  It can be the outcome of something that has once brought you fulfillment, or the reason that you feel invisible in a room full of people.  

In this piece, I tried to tackle the idea of emptiness, like a void splitting oneself in two parts.  The parts no longer fit together congruently.  Instead, one may try precariously to fill the void with the choices they make in hopes of feeling whole again. 

I may continue exploring this theme in my next few pieces. We'll see. I've been having so many different ideas lately that my sketchbook is full of messy drawings, but I work so minutely that it's difficult to see them all come to fruition in the time I would like. In any case, I'm loving the balance of the Prismacolor Colored Pencil and PanPastel I've been using, so there will definitely be more of that. 


Into the Void  19"x25" Prismacolor Colored Pencil, LePlume Marker, and PanPastel on Strathmore 400 Series Gray Paper.